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2021 Hult Prize Challenge Statement Food For Good

Ahmedabad. Hult Prize, a prize often quoted as the ‘Nobel Prize’ for the students is a Social Startup Competition organized by Bill Clinton Foundation in association with Hult Business School to allow young students to create efficient social startups that will impact and bring a change to society. The challenge statement of the Hult Prize has ever since been based upon the Social problems targeting various Sustainable Development goals stated by the United Nations Organization.

Students at the Entrepreneurship Cell, Nirma University are continuing this legacy of being the center for the On-Campus Program the first stage of the Hult Prize from 2018. Even after the year 2020 posed a serious challenge in form of the COVID-19 pandemic, they decided to step up this competition to online mode and not let their hopes down. A program was essentially planned out to add the much-needed skill of Social Entrepreneurship and to introduce important values of innovation, Sustainability, and Service to the students. As the primary aim of the competition was to buildup efficient startups for the welfare of humankind.

The team planned out an 8-week long Community Buildup program to add the above mention values for the participants with help of a series of Webinars, Activities, Team Building, Mentoring Session, and Idea Brainstorming sessions were organized to help students master the skill of Entrepreneurship. Insights and past experiences were also delivered into the Competition by previous winners Mohammad Ashour (Aspire Food Group-2013), Manish Ranjan (Nano Health-2015), and Iman Cooper (BuuPass- 2016) who were successful in bagging that 1 million $ prize. Listening to those amazing stories of the Harry Potter Castle and how they germinated their startup into a successful business with the best mentors and seed funding was the best motivation a participant could have got. They emphasized the point where “a team should focus on testing the product in the market will be the best way to validate”, “the most important part was not about winning and but was about learning and growing along the Journey”. Webinars included Industrial Entrepreneurs and experts coming up to train and guide the participants with valuable Business concepts and also helped them with innumerable examples. The program included some of the renowned names in the Indian startup ecosystem like Dr. Preetdeep Singh, Paritosh Pathak, Dr. Raman Gujral, and many more.

During this pandemic, team E-Cell came out with unique ideas and activities helping out students with resource packs, a list full of the blogs, articles, talks, and videos on Entrepreneurship according to the theme of the week. In October, the Hult Prize, Nirma University started ‘IMPACTOBER’. A month dedicated to the Idea building and focus upon the year 2021 challenge statement ‘FOOD FOR GOOD’. One on one mentoring sessions were organized with Entrepreneurs working in the food industry where the participants presented their innovative ideas of change. They got to learn how an industrial mentor views the current problems faced by the food Industry. All the people joined up together at Brainstorming sessions and meetings where collective discussion of the problem statement, obstacles faced and what can be the solution, what are some of the ideas in the market that are really making a difference took place.

Hult Prize, Nirma University is now moving with its Registration phase and starting the Semi-Final rounds in the second fortnight of November. Roots Post is Digital Media Partner.

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